Hysteroscopic Lysis of Intrauterine Adhesion

Hysteroscopic Lysis of Intrauterine Adhesion


   Ultrasound scan showed suspected intrauterine adhesion

The Procedure

   General anaesthesia

   Dilatation of cervix

   Passage of telescope and scissors / resectoscope

   Normal saline to distend the uterine cavity

   Resection of the pathology under direct vision

   Anti-adhesive gel (hyalobarrier gel) will be injected into the uterine cavity at the end of the procedure

   Other associated procedures which may be necessary, such as blood transfusion

Photographic and / or video images may be recorded during the operation for education / research / documentation purpose. Please inform the staff if you have any objection.

Risk and Complication

   Anaesthetic complications

   Bleeding, may need blood transfusion

   Pelvic infection

   Cervical tear

   Perforation of uterus with or without damage to adjacent organs and may need laparoscopy or laparotomy and repair

   Excision may be incomplete and further operation may be required


Risk of Not Having the Procedure

   Progression and deterioration of disease condition

   Diagnosis cannot be ascertained

After the Procedure

   May have some vaginal bleeding in the first 2 weeks after the operation

Follow Up

   May need to take hormone(s) for 6-8 weeks after operation to improve the recovery of endometrial lining


The information contained is very general. The list of complications is not exhaustive and other unforeseen complications may occasionally occur. In special patient groups, the actual risk may be different. For further information, please contact your doctor.

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