Postnatal Check

Postnatal Check

A postnatal check is usually arranged 6 to 8 weeks after delivery to make sure the mother feels well and is recovering properly. During the postnatal check, the following areas are usually covered:

  The mother will be asked how she is feeling as part of a general discussion about her mental health and well-being. Looking after a newborn, especially for first-time mothers, can sometimes be overwhelming. The postnatal check offers an opportunity for mothers to discuss their feelings and concerns with the doctor. If the mother is suffering from postpartum blues or even postpartum depression, getting professional advice and support from a counselling psychologist may be helpful.
  A physical examination including gynaecological examination is performed to see if the wound has healed, be it an episiotomy or a Caesarean section wound;
  A cervical smear (Pap smear) test can be performed if it is due;
  The issue of contraception can be discussed;
  If the mother has had medical diseases during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension, these conditions will be addressed and further tests will be arranged if necessary;
  If the mother is not immune to Rubella, she can have the MMR vaccine;
  Assess the mental well-being of the mother. The job of caring for a newborn baby, especially for a first-time mother, can be overwhelming. Postpartum visits give mothers the opportunity to discuss their feelings and concerns with their doctors. If the mother has postpartum blue or even postpartum depression, a psychologist can provide professional advice and support.

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Postnatal Check

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