Weight Management

How can a dietitian help?

Being overweight or obese can have a serious impact on health. Even being slightly overweight can already cause health problems, and the risks increase further as the body weight gets higher. Carrying extra weight, particularly excess fat mass, leads to a significant risk of serious medical consequences such as fertility problems, diabetes, gestational diabetes, sleep apnoea, heart disease, joint and bone diseases etc.
Research has found that a 5% reduction in body weight can improve blood sugar levels in adults. A small weight loss can also improve women’s fertility and pregnancy health. Both women and men can improve their fertility when they can achieve a healthy weight.

A dietitian specialized in weight management can help optimise diet with:

A dietitian specialized in women’s health can help optimise diet by helping with:

   Assist to reach target weight
   Minimising the risk of metabolic syndrome
   Boosting energy level
   Boosting fertility

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