Termination of pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy

Our center provides termination of pregnancy in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Termination of pregnancy is allowed by law before 24 weeks for the following two situations:

1. If continuation of pregnancy would involve risk to the life, physical or mental health of the pregnant woman greater than if the pregnancy were terminated.

2. If the child to be born would be severely handicapped as a result of physical or mental abnormality.

During the appointment, our doctor will discuss with the woman on the condition and conduct a pelvic ultrasound scan to confirm the maturity and the location of the pregnancy. The doctor will then discuss with her the options with regards to the pregnancy. And if she decides to end the pregnancy, the doctor will explain the methods, procedures and risks of terminating the pregnancy.

The pregnancy can be ended either by taking medications (medical termination of pregnancy) or by suction evacuation of uterus (surgical termination of pregnancy). It is generally safer to have termination of pregnancy sooner rather than later. The optimal timing will differ in different patients and this will be discussed with the woman individually.
If termination of pregnancy is decided, we will arrange a second consultation for her to meet another doctor. The doctor will discuss with her the options again. This second medical consultation is required by law, and it also serves to ensure that the woman has made the correct decision for herself.

Irrespective whether it is going to be medical or surgical termination of pregnancy, the procedure needs to be done in a hospital. We will arrange hospital admission and follow-up after discharge from the hospital. More information about the procedures of termination of pregnancy can be found here.

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