Postpartum Nutrition

How can a dietitian help?

Being a new mum can be overwhelming. Everything seems to change. Even something as basic as what to eat suddenly feels complicated. However, how a mother nourishes her body in the postpartum period is important for her own health and even more importantly, if she is breastfeeding, for her baby’s growth and development.
A healthy eating plan in the postpartum can speed up recovery from the pregnancy and delivery, and support the stamina and energy a new mum needs to nourish her baby. A nutrient-dense diet together with adequate hydration promotes milk production.

An average woman burns about 500 calories each day to make breastmilk.

A dietitian specialized in postnatal nutrition can help a new mum to optimise her diet so that she can:

   Simplify her meal planning routine
   Meet nutritional requirements during breastfeeding
   Boost post-birth healing with nutrient-dense foods
   Lose weight after giving birth
   Improve energy levels

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