Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion (Sterilization)

Laparoscopic Tubal Occlusion (Sterilization)


   Unwanted fertility

   Effective contraception

The Procedure

   General anaesthesia

   Pneumoperitoneum created by insufflation of carbon dioxide

   Incisions made

   Telescope and instruments passed into abdomen

   Fallopian tubes interrupted with falope rings / clips; or partially removed

   Incisions closed

   All tissues removed will be sent for pathological examination or disposed of as appropriate unless otherwise specified

Photographic and / or video images may be recorded during the operation for education / research / documentation purpose. Please inform the staff if you have any objection.

Risk and Complication

   Anaesthetic Complications

   Bleeding, may need blood transfusion

   Trauma to adjacent organs like bladder, bowels (3 in every 1000 procedures), may require repair


   Risk of laparotomy

   Wound complications including infection and hernia

   1 in every 12 000 women undergoing laparoscopy dies as a result of complications

Risk of Not Having the Procedure

   Unwanted pregnancy

After the Procedure

   No effect on hormonal status in the presence of normal ovaries

   Coitus is not affected

   Irreversible method of contraception unless tubal reanastomosis is done

   Failure risk (risk of pregnancy) about 1 in 200 in lifetime. If you conceive after sterilization, the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy is higher

   May have unrelated menstruation change

Alternative Treatment

   Other methods of contraceptions including vasectomy

Follow Up

   Need to use effective contraception until the next post-procedural period


The information contained is very general. The list of complications is not exhaustive and other unforeseen complications may occasionally occur. In special patient groups, the actual risk may be different. For further information, please contact your doctor.

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