Suction Evacuation

Suction Evacuation


   Anxiety state


   Maternal medical condition

   Abnormal fetus

The Procedure

   Priming of cervix

   General anaesthesia

   Cervical dilatation

   Insertion of the suction tube

   Uterine content evacuated under negative pressure

   Tissues removed will be sent for pathological examination or disposed of as appropriate unless otherwise specified

Photographic and / or video images may be recorded during the operation for education / research / documentation purpose. Please inform the staff if you have any objection.

Risk and Complication

   Anaesthetic complications

   Cervical tear (1 in 100)

   Incomplete evacuation/failure of the procedure resulting in continuation of pregnancy and the need for the need for a repeat operation

   Excessive bleeding (1 in 1000), may need blood transfusion

   Uterine perforation (1-4 in 1000) with or without trauma to surrounding organs necessitating laparoscopy / laparotomy and repair

   Pelvic infection (1 in 100) and adverse effect on future fertility

   Intrauterine adhesions

   Cervical incompetence

   Third stage complications in future pregnancy

   Adverse psychological sequelae

Risk of Not Having the Procedure

   Continuation of the pregnancy which involves risk to the life or of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman

   Delivery of a child who will suffer from physical or mental abnormality and being seriously handicapped

   Vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or infection in case of incomplete miscarriage

After the Procedure

   May experience some vaginal bleeding and mild abdominal cramps within 2 weeks after operation

Alternative Treatment

   Continuation of pregnancy and support from the Birthright Society or the Mothers’ Choice

   Expectant treatment or medical treatment for miscarriage

Follow Up

   Future contraception


The information contained is very general. The list of complications is not exhaustive and other unforeseen complications may occasionally occur. In special patient groups, the actual risk may be different. For further information, please contact your doctor.

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