2024 Ovarian Reserve Test Package

Do you want to know your “Ovarian Age”?
A woman’s “Ovarian Age” is not necessarily consistent with her actual age, and “Ovarian Age” is an important factor that directly affects a woman’s fertility. In other words, if a young woman’s “Ovarian Age” is higher than her actual age, her egg quality and hence her chance of pregnancy will be lower than other women of the same age.
Ovarian reserve test is to check the “Ovarian Age”. The most accurate methods include: ultrasound scan on the 2nd to 5th day of menstrual period to detect the number of antral follicles, and a blood test to check the level of AMH.
Our clinic has launched a new Ovarian Reserve Test Package priced at $3,000 (Original price $3,900),which is suitable for all women who are interested in knowing their “Ovarian Age”, especially for those who want to consider egg freezing or planning to try for a pregnancy. The original charge for the services in the package is $3,900. We are now offering a special price of $3,000.
The package includes:
1. A blood test for AMH level.
2. A detailed vaginal (internal) ultrasound scan of the uterus and ovaries by a gynecologist with a subspecialist certification in Reproductive Medicine, including checking the number of antral follicles. This scan can also detect any uterine or ovarian lesions such as uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts.
3. The results will be explained by the doctor and the doctor will provide advice.
For women who are planning to try for a pregnancy, they have the additional option of performing pre-pregnancy blood tests as an add-on.
☎️ For more details, please call us at 2117 3033.

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