2023 New Egg Freezing Package

Do you know the quality and quantity of eggs in a woman’s ovaries start to decline after the age of 35?
A woman’s chance of conceiving naturally falls as she gets older because the quality and number of her eggs drop. A woman who wishes to delay childbearing, can consider egg freezing when she is young and the eggs are of higher quality, so she can try to have a family at a later date.
If you are a working professional woman, this may not be the perfect moment to start your family. But if you do intend to have your own babies in future, you may consider preserving your eggs now by freezing while they are still at their best quality.
🎉 Our Centre has launched an ALL INCLUSIVE egg freezing package >
✅ For more information about the package, please click
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☎️ For enquiry or appointment booking, please call 21173033.

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