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Regular health check is a kind of preventive care. It is performed on healthy persons with no symptoms. It helps women to understand their body condition and make lifestyle modifications to improve their own health. It also allows early identification of diseases including some cancers so that timely treatment can be performed.

Many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, which used to affect the elderly, are now found in younger persons. It is therefore advisable to start regular annual health check from the age of 30. We have designed packages for women of different age groups with regard to their needs. Apart from the general screening for common diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol level, we also focus on bone health. Vitamin D deficiency has been overlooked by many. It has been estimated to affect one billion people worldwide, mostly because people are not getting enough sunshine which is the main source of Vitamin D. Women especially in their menopause lose their bones rapidly. If Vitamin D deficiency is found when they are young, supplementation can prevent women from osteoporosis and bone fracture later in life. Women >50 years of age and with risk factors for osteoporosis should consider DEXA scan to check bone mineral density.

Cancer screening aims to detect cancer at an early stage or even prevent cancers from developing. Yet, not all tests are proven to be effective, and many may give rise to false positive results and cause anxiety. Examples include most serum cancer markers. It is for this reason that we do not include serum cancer markers in our packages. Women aged 25-65 who have ever had sexual experience should have cervical smear (Pap smear) test for cervical cancer screening. Breast cancer screening by mammogram and breast ultrasound scan should be considered from 40 years of age. Individuals aged 50-70 should have colonoscopy.

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